December 16, 2010

All things Tosh :]

I'm Natasha.
and this is my blog.
Things that define me:
My beliefs
My husband
My family
My friends
I wanted to start this blog because I love to write, I love to share my thoughts. I love to ponder and elaborate on the things that I find beautiful and intriguing... the things that make me happy. I have a blog for me and my husband, Clint. This is where I share things about us. But this blog was created to discuss the me things, the girl things,  the pretty things, the funny things, the stupid things, the happy things. Just the things I love... and that's a lot of things in case you didn't know :]



  1. Tosh I love your blog!! I love hearing about the things that make you happy. What a cute, refreshing blog to read. Keep posting, Your blog makes ME happy! ;)

  2. that's what blogs are for! i love that you are doing one for just for you. :) i love blogging. it's easier for me because i can type faster than i can write! im excited to keep up on this bloggy of yours too! :)