May 19, 2011

pinterest lovin

Does anyone have pinterest?

If you do, come find me. I would come find you, but I'm still not exactly sure how it works.

If you haven't heard of pinterest you should come check it out. 

Basically how it works is you have your own pin boards, where you pin different pictures up. You can name the boards whatever you want. So you can have one for fashion, photography, wedding ideas, quotes, etc... just whatever inspires you. 

You can re-pin other people's pictures or add your own and you can  also follow other people's boards, and other people can follow yours.

So instead of saving pictures of things you like on your computey, you can just pin it on your boards. It's pretty nifty I'd say.

Anyways... just get one, k? I think they have sort of a waiting list type of thing because it's more popular than they expected, so you have to put your email in to request an invite, and then they'll email you when you're accepted. that's right folks, you have to request an invite. feelin special already huh?

Here are some of the things I've pinned so you can get an idea :]

mine is still pretty new, and I still don't understand it all so there aren't a ton of pics up. Plus I have to do it when Clint isn't home because he makes fun of me. The nerve of that kid, I tell you what. 

well guys...

[hahaha. Don't worry, when I first read it I didn't get it either. "...But I really mustache" whaaa? I'll break it down for you...
"I'd love to stay and chat, but I really must dash."
found this on pinterest. see? it's awesome]

on that note...I think it would be so awesome to have a board of fabulous mustaches. Maybe I'll do that one day out of the sheer fact that I am lame.

anyways. find me on pinterest and let's pin the crap out of each other.



  1. haha! that was a great post tosh. that lost comment, "let's pin the crap out of each other." reminds me of She's The Man. love it!