September 1, 2012

Things you should know if we're going to be bffs.

I'm really curious about people. Basically I like to ask questions that are three levels ahead of our level of friendship. So, if we were at friendship stage 5, I would be asking you questions that are only for stage 8. What are these stages you might ask? I don't really know either, but apparently there are some. otherwise I wouldn't have this problem.

I really love bubblegum. mostly bubblicious and the nerds bubblegum that you get in the candy machines at the mall. but this giant stick of them will do.
I like to run to the Pandora Sleep Station and any other slow music. I really don't know why. Maybe because I pretend I'm in a dramatic love song music video. I'm not saying that is definitely the reason. it's just a very likely theory.

speaking of running, this is the running group I joined called the Buffalo Gals. They aren't all in the picture, but we have about 50 women. We run about 3.5 miles at night time and it's so much fun.

I was an extra/dancer in the first High School Musical with my best friend Amber. And so my love for Zac Efron began...

Beauty product I can't live without: bare minerals.

I don't like any type of soda. And to be honest, I'm kind of anti soda and caffeine. But, I'm a little extreme so don't even listen to me right now.

probably at least once a day I forget to do up my zipper. xyz.

My original major in college was communications (journalism) and then I switched my junior year to psychology. And I still love them both. Plus a million other things. 

The reason that I even have a husband is because I jumped in and stole him from my roommate and one of my best friends, Amy. Luckily she just wanted the NCMO (non committal make out- for all you serious-boyfriend-kisser-onlys ;) from him so she was totally fine with it. that's my girl.

Amy and I in the very front. Only one of the best years of my life, is all. 

I'm claustrophobic and my husband thinks it's funny to cover my head with a blanket. In other words, he wants me to die.

I have the bladder of a 5 year old. There are a lot of emergencies around here.

In my 16 year old driver's license, I am wearing a black choker necklace. dun dun dun. it was bad. aaaand life has gone up from there, so let's just put that behind us.

I start to get excited for Christmas in June ever single year, without fail. In fact, I think I will make a paper countdown chain tomorrow.

My biggest pet peeve is when people don't put their carts away in the parking lot. and speaking of carts, a shopping trip is not complete without kick pushing, then riding on the cart to your car. And also riding in carts at Costco while your husband pushes you. I guess you could say that I am really passionate about shopping carts.

These good looking studs are my very best friends.

The place I would like to travel the most is New Zealand.

If I don't get 8 hours of sleep, then I basically can't make it through the next day. And again, the 5 year old comes out.

I recently got called into Young Women's for our church and I am so excited about it!

It depresses me to think that I will most likely never have a reason to dress up in a fancy dress like this one ever again. I told Clint to join the military so we could go to the Marine Ball, but I think he thought I was being extreme.

alright friends, we are closing in on that 8 hour of sleep gap, so I have to get to bed before my whole day is ruined and filled with tantrums and nap times and stuff.

So despite the 5 year old tendencies, I hope we can be bff's.

xoxo Tosh.

ps the inspiration for this post came from the blog Little Miss Momma.


  1. You're the cutest. I am right with you on the 8 hours of sleep thing!

  2. I love this! and i love your blog design!

  3. you're funny tosh! aw i miss you dang it! i was just thinking today that i wish we would've gotten more starbucks when you lived here & when we lived in the same city...and state. i passed another starbucks on campus and it made me miss you. anyway, love the post & love you. :)

  4. I loved this post! Hearing about what makes people unique and also brings us together is exciting. I also have somewhat of a similar story about choosing a major; it's not an easy thing to do when there are so many possibilities out there! Thanks for sharing.:)

  5. Love the blog.. Newest follower! And.. it looks like we have some mutual friends from Dixie! Woot woot! DSC!